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Anguilla remains one of the Caribbean’s most friendly and pristine islands with a simple sophistication appealing to every kind of visitor.
The island, with its 33 pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and world-class accommodation, is one of the most sought-after hideaways in the West Indies.

Add in the cuisine, an old-style Caribbean feel and a host of festivals – reggae, golf, yachting, jazz and the Summer Festival - where visitors can soak up the culture and Anguilla makes the perfect retreat for those who simply want the best the Caribbean has to offer.

Accommodation options cover everything from luxury resorts, modern villas and intimate hotels to apartments and charming guest


There’s lots to do including sailing, golf, diving, tennis, cycling,

riding and an ever-increasing number of spas.

Complete the four modules of the Anguilla training programme and

you’ll have everything you need to help make that sale.

Learn and enjoy!